If you are planning to take up playing again after a long break this page is for you. Over the years we have had a good many in your position and have always managed to get them back on the road to music making. In fact, nearly all of them have become much valued member of our bands.

We are the only local band to specialise in welcoming Returners (or should that be Returnees?) and so can reasonably claim to be experts in what we do. We recognise that the most important factor in helping returners in an understanding approach.

Our M.D. in particular has, as they say, "been there" having taken up the trumpet again after conducting for thirty years! Below is a list of problems you may encounter together with some suggested solutions.

If, after reading this you decide to give it a try, why not ring Chris on 0117 9561950 and have a

chat. You could also drop in at a rehearsal and see us in action.

The PROBLEMS usually are:

  1. Muscular weaknesses affecting the embouchure and fingering
  2. Slowed down reactions affecting sight-reading
  3. A general lack of confidence and a reluctance to play before others


  1. The knowledge that the Conductor and the band members will support you*
  2. Regular playing and practice will solve most problems given time
  3. Advice is available from instrument teachers within the band
  4. The realisation that you will not be put under pressure

Just one warning; it will all seem uphill for a week or two but you will be surprised at how quickly it all comes back.

We hope to see you soon

Chris Harris
Westerly Showband, including its "returners " members playing at Winterbourne Carnival 2017