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Q. Will my standard of playing suit the band?

A. Probably! It is certain not to be too high, we have some excellent players. Likewise it is unlikely to be too low if you have had lessons and played in a band. I can't say more until I have heard you play!

Q. Are there auditions?

A. No! You and I will mutually assess your ability. Nor will formal qualifications be I asked for; although you could use "Grade 6 or above" as a guideline.

Q. What if I am not good enough?

A., No matter! We can find you a place in our training band CONCORD band and hope to promote you at a later date.

Q. My difficulty is that I have not played for some years. Will this be a hindrance?

A. We specialise in helping "returners" as we call them. Please refer to the special RETURNERS page.

Q. What if there are no vacancies?

A. We can usually squeeze everyone in! In an extreme case we would put you on a waiting list. Meanwhile you could help out in CONCORD band (this might push you up the list!).

Q. What sort of commitment would you expect?

A. We rehearse one evening per week and fulfil about 12 engagements per year. See ENGAGEMENTS. Except for holidays and sickness regular attendance and practice is expected. For our part we will, in return, we will help you to improve.

Q. What are the band like as people?

A. You will find them friendly and welcoming.

Q Will I be the oldest/youngest member?

A. About half the band are under 30; about a quarter have grown-up families and the rest are as old as we feel!

Q. What are the biscuits like?

A. Come along and see!