Properly known as CONCORD band

Its purpose is to help "IMPROVERS" and RETURNERS.

IMPROVERS should have had some band experience or tuition; we can continue your training

RETURNERS; no matter how long since you last played, we can help you.

Keith Williams


  1. 1st class tuition is with an experienced and well qualified tutor/conductor
  2. Music is specifically chosen to suit the members' needs.
  3. Provision of an ambience in which you will be comfortable and able to progress.
  4. Membership of a group which is musically involved with the Community.
  5. The chance to be socially involved with like-minded people enjoying the leisure pursuit that you love.


We rehearse on Friday evenings from 7:30-9:30 pm in the St Andrews Church Hall, Elm Park, BS34 7PS. There is ample, free parking.

We are recruiting now for the new season. All band instruments are welcome You would be welcome to come to observe a rehearsal!


Jayne Renton-Harper:

To help you decide what to de we are quoting some Frequently Asked Questions with their answers.

Below each question are our answers.

If none of these provide the answer you seek, why not CONTACT the Band Secretary

Question 1. Will this class suit my standard of playing?

A. The teaching level is aimed at people who have been in a band/class for at least two years or who have mastered the basics with a teacher.

Question 2. Will it help me to improve?

A. Almost unquestionably. A special series of lessons have been designed to suit people like you. We assume that you want to do your best; we will do our best to help you!

Question 3. Will the others all be better than me?

A. All newcomers feel nervous when they first arrive. That is why we do our best to support you as much as we can.

Question 4. What will the music be like?

A. The music is specially purchased from abroad to suit this kind of learner band. We are in fact the only local class that uses this particular system. As for style, it is as varied as you can imagine.

Question 5. Is the tuition good?

A. The Tutor, Keith Williams has been teaching bands at all levels for a good many years. A good many players can testify as to his effectiveness.

Question 6.Will I get the chance to play in public?

A. Yes you will. The band performs at a variety of community events during the year. However it is important that you know that you will not be expected to do this until youfeel ready.

Question 7.Will I be able to go on to another band?

A. Certainly! When you feel that you are ready you can discuss this with the tutor. Westerly Showband gives members of this band priority.

May we stress that most, if not all, of these questions can be answered by paying the band a visit. You are welcome at any time. Just contact Jayne; you will be made welcome; that's a promise!

CONCORD in Fishponds Park
CONCORD in Fishponds Park

CONCORD band also has its own website.LINK to CONCORD