We are glad to see that you are thinking about having live music for your event.

WESTERLY SHOWBAND regularly provides music for:

At such events we provide, where possible, music to suit the occasion, often including special requests.

Sometime we include a sing-along or an "action" selection which involve hand-clapping, arm waving etc. If children are present we have a special feature where they can join in!

Our Band includes a singer. You could request one of her songs.

To know more about what and where we play visit ourENGAGEMENTS and REPERTOIRE pages


There is no online form I am afraid, I prefer the personal approach!

First, you need to CONTACT me. I will then ask you:

At the same time I will answer any question that you may have.

I will then probably want to visit the venue to check the availability of things like lighting, P.A. seating, changing/storage facilities, and parking.

As regards finance; we are a non-profit making organisation but we do ask for a donation towards our general running costs. Its size would depend on various factors that we could discuss when we meet.

PLEASE NOTE. We book well ahead. The summer can be a difficult time what with holidays etc. as can Christmas. It is best if you start your enquiries as soon as possible,.