The Westerly Showband PROJECT 18 is fast gathering pace. In fact one major concert is already confirmed and a number of other enquiries are being followed up


The first concert of the series is to be held at Turnberrie's Community Centre, Thornbury. BS35 2BB. On Saturday 19th May from 7.30 to 9.30 pm. Admission will of course be free. Thanks are due to the Centre Manager who is to provide the hall free of charge and also to help with the invitations and publicity. We are now looking for other people in the Thornbury area who might like to be involved. As usual ring 0117 9561950 for more info.

Another important engagement is to take place only one day before! The Band has been invited to play in Bath Abbey for the Bath Fringe Festival known as "Party in the City". They will be the closing event in a star studded evening and will play from 9.20 pm to 10 pm. The programme is likely to mixture of classics and jazz with a few surprises thrown in!

No. 1

Westerly Showband is planning a special project for 2018. It proposes to stage a series of free concerts throughout the year. The intention is to providing a musical meeting place for people who, for whatever reason, feel isolated, cut off from other people, or just plain lonely.

The plan's starting point is the general realisation that music has a beneficial effect on a range of physical, mental and social disorders. The particular problems which the band intends to address are those of loneliness and isolation. Both are all too common in present day society.

The intention is to stage a series of free concerts throughout the local area. The music presented will be specially chosen and will include pieces ranging from well-remembered favourites to up-to-the-minute stage hits. There will also be sing-alongs and other opportunities for audience participation. In other words there will be plenty of good old-fashioned entertainment!

The singing will be led, as always, by the Band's resident singer, Alexandra Denman, well known for her contribution to light-opera, opera and musical comedy in the Bristol area. The shows will be presented by entertainer and musical Director, Chris Harris.

While the Band has undertaken to provide the music at the concerts and deal with publicity and fund-raising it will need other outside help to achieve its objectives.

Firstly we are seeking help from local charities and community organisations to organise audience parties and arrange for them to get to the concerts.

Also, if you can provide or organise any of the following:

Please CONTACT us so that we can discuss things. Similarly we would be glad to hear of any suggestions you can make to make things go well.

Naturally an invitation is open to musicians or musical groups who wish to take part in some way.

Hopefully, in our next blog we will be able to present some confirmed details. Chris Harris